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University of Illinois Extension: Houseplants Information on selecting and caring for various types of houseplants. From the University of Illinois Extension.

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Guide-to-houseplants With information now at your fingertips, it's easy to find out about your plant, discover what it needs, and get the most out of it.

University of Nebraska's Guide to Selecting Houseplants This Extension guide lists water, humidity, light, and temperature needs for a variety of houseplants to help you select ones best suited to your situation. Features basic gardening tips for homeplants like choosing the right plant, watering, and potting soil. Also includes care information.

University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service Arkansas Home and Garden Houseplants - A houseplant is any of a wide variety of plants grown indoors, ...

House Plants -- Proper Care and Problem Solving Cultural Considerations House Plant Trouble Signs Disease and Insect Control Insects and Related Pests of Houseplants

House Plants: Proper Care and Problem Solving Growing house plants is a challenging and rewarding hobby that can be enjoyed by everyone and need not be difficult. Give plants what they need and they'll do well for you. Give them just about what they need and they hold their own. Deny too many of their needs and plants fail. Offers care tips for various types of house and indoor plants as well as a search index to find the plant you wish to care for.

All About Houseplants Houseplants, also called indoor plants, brighten up your home or office. Caring for houseplants makes for a great hobby during the long inclement months of winter, and even throughout the year. Many gardeners refuse to twiddle their green thumbs as the long winter months keep them indoors.

Propagating House Plants

Houseplant Symptoms Diagnosis Click a leaf that matches your plant's symptom.

More Houseplant Symptoms Diagnosis

Houseplant Disease.

PlantOasis is a resource for houseplants and indoor gardening. The site features a directory of houseplants, articles relating to houseplants, a question and answer section, wallpapers, and other useful information.

Sptaths A basic primer on the attractive indoor foliage plant.

Diseases of Spathiphyllum A very good article by D.J. Norman that offers information on common pathogens affecting the Peace Lily. lots of information on caring for your Peace Lily as well as botanical information, and the varieties available.

The Encyclopedia of House Plants

indoor-gardening archives Searchable archives of the indoor gardening email discussion list. A searchable database of house and greenhouse plants.

Guide to Selecting House Plants Need to know how to select plants suitable to the environment where you want them to grow.

Home Propagation of Houseplants A guide to different cutting and layering techniques.

House Plants Forum A message board to discuss how to care for them, recommendations for selections, and sources for plants.

House Plants: Proper Care and Problem Solving A guide to cultural considerations, trouble signs, and disease and insect control.

Guide to Growing Houseplants Offers hints on conditioning, light, fertilizing and more.

Propagating House Plants Looks at how propagating house plants in the home can be an inexpensive and enjoyable hobby.

Green Thumb Tips for the Home Gardener: Propagating House Plants an introduction to sexual and asexual plant propagation methods.

The Garden Helper: Caring for Flowering and Foliage House Plants features house plant care and cultivation guides addressing issues from creating dish gardens and maintaining terrariums to controlling house plants pests and properly repotting.

The University of Illinois Extension Service is a resource for houseplant care and selection:

Home Propagation of House Plants This one page site is an overview of some fundamental methods for establishing new plants from old. This focuses on the use of stem and leaf cuttings, but also presents a highly illustrated version of air layering and treatment of cuttings in general.

Carol's Home Page Carol has listed all her houseplants with pics & info.

PlantCare is a database of over 1,300 species of House and Greenhouse Plants which provides 18 categories of care, from watering to lighting. Search a plant by either its Latin or common name. If you don't know the name, Search by Plant Type, such as Shrub, Fern or Perennial.

Re-potting HouseplantsColorado State University Cooperative

Houseplant insect control

The Sun Room at The Garden Gate. Tips and sources for indoor and greenhouse plants and supplies.

Horticulture Solutions Series: HouseplantsThe Illinois Cooperative Extension Service provides a roomful of information on houseplants.

Month-by-month tips for indoor gardening from the Virginia Cooperative Extension

Artificial Lights for Indoor Plant When you use artificial light as the only light source for indoor plants, fluorescent tubes or commercial grow lights are probably the best.

Guide to Selecting House Plants How to select plants suitable to the environment where you want them to grow.

House Plants Forum Message board to discuss how to care for them, recommendations for selections, and sources for plants. Houseplants A collection of articles on growing plants indoors.

indoor-gardening archives Searchable archives of the indoor gardening email discussion list.