Preserving Holly:
Soak your holly in this mixture:
(For preserving.)
1 cup glycerine
2 cups boiling water
Green food colorings.
Then soak again in this mixture:
(to seal in moisture )
4 cups water
1 cup floor wax.

Keep your tree fresh:
* To help the tree absorb water better, cut an inch off the trunk, above the last cut.
* Place the tree in a stand with a lot of water. It could absorb up to a gallon in the first day. Check the water level frequently and add water as necessary.
* Never allow it to dry out or it'll shed it's needles prematurely.
* Never place your tree near a heat source of any kind. This is extremely dangerous and will increase the chances of early needle loss.
* Remember to always turn your Christmas tree lights off when leaving the house or when going to sleep.

Christmas Potpourri:
6 Cinnamon Sticks
Several Pine Cones
2 cups of Dried Sage
1 cup of whole Cloves
2 cups of Dried Rosemary
Grated (dried) Orange Peel
Allspice (whole or ground)
1 cup of Balsam Fir Needles
20 drops of Winterberry OIL
2 cups of Red Juniper Berries

* Mix the following ingredients into a gallon of water then pour into a spray bottle and spray the entire tree.
* Pour remaining solution into the trees water supply.
1 cup ammonium sulphate
1/2 cup boric acid
2 tablespoons borax

Tree Disposal:
* A great idea for tree disposal after the festivities have come to an end, is to place your tree in your yard.
* Mix birdseed, bread crumbs and suet into peanut butter then spread it on the tips of the branches of your tree.
* The birds will love you and the tree can stay in your yard until spring.
* Several communities also have tree pickup programs. For a small fee they will collect your tree then chip it themselves.