Zydeco Louisiana Iris Garden The Species of Louisiana Iris There currently are five recognized species in the Series Hexagonae, as the Louisiana iris group within the Genus Iris is called. They are: I. brevicaulis, I. fulva, I. hexagona, I. giganticaerulea and I. nelsonii.

Can-West Iris Society We are a group of Iris devotees who are primarily located - but not limited to - Western Canada, the Prairies and the North. We are a family of gardeners helping each other grow and learn.

Iris for Northern Gardens by Deborah L. Brown from University of Minnesota.

The British Iris Society was founded in 1922 by iris enthusiasts whose interests were primarily to establish a forum for the exchange of views and knowledge of the genus.

Reblooming Iris Society The RIS was organized in 1967 and is a section of the American Iris Society devoted to promoting interest and development of all iris types having more than one bloom season per year.

Kentucky Rainbow Iris Society a local iris society in Northern Kentucky.

Sierra Foothills Iris Society February 2005 a local iris society in Auburn, California

Iris Gardening The no-fail outdoor classroom The American Iris Society (AIS) founded in 1920, is a group of approximately 8,000 members devoted to the culture and improvement of the iris. Over 350 of this number are youth members under the age of 19. Some 175 local iris clubs are scattered throughout the United States. The AIS offers Classroom Iris Projects (CIPs) for schools. This is a "hands on" opportunity for students to grow and care for irises on their school grounds.

Presby Memorial Iris Gardens of Upper Montclair, NJ. A display garden of historical iris.

Iris borer caterpillars (Macronoctua onusta) are the most destructive insect pests of iris. The pinkish caterpillars are two inches long when full grown. Adult moths have chocolate-brown front wings and lighter yellow-brown hind wings with a wing span up to 2 inches. Moths are seldom seen because they fly at night.

The Historic Iris Preservation Society (HIPS) is an organization for those that have an interest and appreciation of older varieties of iris. The World Iris Association website is also located here. 

The Society for Siberian Irises The Society for Siberian Irises (SSI), a section of the American Iris Society, was organized in 1960 by and for people who love, grow, and want to learn more about Siberian irises. The membership includes plant scientists, hybridizers, commercial growers but mostly folks who just appreciate superior garden plants.

University of Louisiana - An active research program on the native Louisiana Iris hexagona

The Species Iris Group of North America (SIGNA) is dedicated to the study of the wild species of the genus Iris and related irids in order to promote a wider appreciation of these plants and their hybrids as garden ornamentals. Our goal is to further their introduction and distribution through our seed exchange while supporting their conservation in the wild.

Growing and Caring for the Bearded Iris __ "They range in height from less than 8 inches to about 38 inches. The smaller varieties flower first, followed by the medium height, and then the taller irises. There are also reblooming irises available now, but let me warn you they are very expensive."  A brief look at growing bearded iris. - from - 

Canadian Iris Society

Region 1 of the American Iris Society (AIS) promotes the growing of all types of iris in New England.

Gardener's Guide to Growing Irises A comprehensive study of the genus discussing virtually all known iris species as well as providing practical advice on landscape uses, cultivation, and pest and disease control. Several additional sections, of interest to iris fetishists and devotees, cover botany, propagation, hybridization, and new cultivars. Fine color photographs. Annotation c. by Book News,

Spuria Iris Society Information about Spuria Irises.

King County Iris SocietyServing Seattle WA and surrounding areas.

Pony Express Iris Society St. Joseph, MO.

Fort Worth Iris Society

North Mississippi Lakes Iris Society

San Diego Iris Society

Median Iris Society Median irises are bearded irises smaller than the popular tall bearded varieties but larger than the dainty miniature dwarfs. Their smaller size gives them a distinctive charm and appeal.

North American Native Iris There are about thirty species of irises native to North America. All belong to the subgenus Limniris, the beardless irises. This page is a start at providing some information on these interesting and beautiful wildflowers.

Society for Louisiana Iris

Japanese Irises Japanese Irises have been developed over many years from forms of Iris ensata. This is a hardy waterside plant, native to wide areas of eastern Asia. It has been the subject of many years of selective breeding. The distinctive flowers, offset by the sword-shaped foliage can provide a distinctive component to waterside plantings.

Society for Pacific Coast Native Iris

American Iris Society. The American Iris Society is a nonprofit institution incorporated February 2, 1927, in the County of Philadelphia, State of Pennsylvania.

The Aril Society International. The Aril Society International is a group of iris enthusiasts devoted to promoting the aril and arilbred irises.

Home Page for Irises

Presby Memorial Iris Gardens in Montclair, New Jersey

Roberts Backyard Iris Garden lots of pictures and cultural information on irises.

Irises a Gardener's Passion A web site that is full of dozens of beautiful iris pictures. With a section on how to hybridize iris shown with photographs.

World Iris Association entry page. A site created to facilitate exchange of ideas and information among irisarians throughout the world.

Email Mailing List

There is an email mailing list devoted to irises: Iris-L. Now called Iris Talk